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  The most important tasks of railway transportation are improvements of high speed comfortableness, and safety. Turnouts support those tasks and are essential devices to operate cars safely under the complicating diagram conditions.
Sumihatsu uses automatic equipment (up-to-date equipment including machining center) to realize automatic production of large sized products, intending to maintain high accuracy and performance of devices, as the top manufacturer of turnouts. Furthermore, Sumihatsu encourage research and developments for manpower saving of railway maintenance and automation technology.
  Is an important device to safely manipulate traincars. Sumihatsu designs, manufactures, assembles, and delivers them to customers.
  Are widely used for Shinkansen, conventional lines, cranes, elevators, etc. Sumihatsu manufactures rail fastenings made of materials for leaf spring and/or bar springs, and delivers them locally and abroad.
  Is made of unsaturated polyester penetrated polyurethane foam, and glass fiber, and formed by metal mold. It is highly evaluated and accepted by customers with less noise and vibration.
  The purpose of turnout with grid sleepers is to reduce the maintenance and to prevent a point switching failure. We are designing and manufacturing the sleeper of grid structure which uses synthetic sleepers. We developed the grid sleepers in collaboration with JR-EAST. We can provide the turnout with grid sleepers to the railway companies.
  We are manufacturing 3 types of fitting to prevent creep in rail as follows.
Heel point Clip => this is used for
  connecting to the rail and heel plate.
Anti-Creeper (bolt type)=>creep in rail is
  surely received by the sleepers through
  this device.
Ceramic sprayed clip=>this clip is used to   reinforce to creep in rail resistance by
  increasing rail friction.
  We jointly developed LevelKeeper with Railway Technical Research Institute. LevelKeeper prevents loose sleepers that occur at the structural boundary of the ballasted track and can be easily installed without removing the existing sleepers.
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